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COUGAR BXM 850 watt

COUGAR BXM 850 watt
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  • Ventilation System. A key component of BXM is its 135mm HDB fan. The advanced fan’s blade curvature has been fine-tuned to reduce vibration, helping you enjoy a quieter gaming experience.
  • COUGAR Xformer + Stable Performance. COUGAR Xformer: This high-frequency transformer reduces copper loss and adapts to rising temperatures, while its PQ-Type core further increases efficiency and reliability while keeping the temperature under control.
  • Assigned Japanese Components. BXM includes 105ºC Japanese standby capacitor will keep providing the stable PSU for a long time.
  • Semi-Modular Power Supply. Connect only the cables you need for less clutter and better airflow.
  • Strong Safeguards : OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP, SCP & OTP

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