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Cougar POLAR 1050 watt 80 Plus Platinum

Cougar POLAR 1050 watt 80 Plus Platinum
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Cougar POLAR 1050 watt 80 Plus Platinum
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COUGAR will present the first Platinum efficiency PSU Series, POLAR. The 100% Japanese capacitors and 50°C ambient operations with LLC, DC-DC structure generate an environmentally friendly PSU with high-efficiency performance. The fine-tune HDB fan with zero noise mode will also provide the perfect experience for all users in different conditions


  • 80PLUS Platinum Certified
  • Up to 92% efficiency power conversion to cut down your electricity bill
  • 100% Refined Japanese Capacitors
  • Outstanding components extend the longevity of PSU.
  • Durable HDB Fan
  • Hydro Dynamic Bearing Fan: Extended durability and lower noise levels
  • Zero Noise Mode and Fan Curve Tuning
  • Advanced technology for noise minimization
  • Fully Modular Power Supply Unit
  • Connect only the cables you need for less clutter and better airflow
  • Flawless Operation at 50°C
  • Powerful performance at 50°C ambient temperature
  • Compatible with The Lastest PC Technology
  • Created for user with current and next-generation multi-core CPU platforms
  • Support PCI Express 4.0 Next Generation Graphics Cards with 8(6+2) Pin PCI-E Connector
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