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Cougar Armor EVO Royal

Cougar Armor EVO Royal
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4-Way Lumbar Support lets you regulate the contour of the backrest to best fit your lumbar area. Both height and depth are fully adjustable, accommodating the natural curve of your lower back for maximum comfort and support.

Equipped with a Magnetic Memory Foam Neck Pillow, the Armor EVO lets you easily position the pillow to your exact preference. The memory foam conforms to your body's shape, relieving pressure on your neck and making sure you stay healthy through those long gaming sessions.

The ARMOR EVO features extra-thick premium PVC leather, specially selected for its supple texture and excellent breathability, letting air pass through so you stay fresh and comfortable.

The gas lift cylinder is the core of the Armor EVO’s functionality. Equipped with a Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder for safety, reliability and smooth operation, the Armor EVO is in a class of its own.

Size Max : Max

Surface Breathable PVC Leather Micro Suede-Like Texture : Breathable PVC Leather

Integrated 4-way Lumbar Support : Yes

High Density Mold Shaping Foam : Yes

Magnetic Neck Pillow Foam : Yes

Arm Rest Directions : 4D

Advanced Tilt Mechanism : Yes (Advanced Function)

Vortex Aluminum 5 Star Base : Yes

Wheel Size : 2.8"

Weight Limit : 160 kg

DeliveryImmediately Available

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