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Cougar ARGO One Black

Cougar ARGO One Black
Cougar ARGO One Black
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Outstanding Gaming Chair for Ergonomics

Inheriting the ergonomics of the Argo gaming chair, Argo One steps it up a notch. Argo One features contoured comfort, great support, and gaming style. It is like an upgrade equipment in game, equip it, and power yourself up.

More Ergonomics, More Comfortable

Argo One comes with heavy support from the breathable elastomeric mesh and PAFRP frame. In addition, you can customize the sitting position with an adjustable backrest, seat, and headrest. Argo One’s lumbar support design suits the curvature of the spine that keeps you in a more comfortable and healthier position.

Breathability, Flexibility and Support

The seat and backrest are made of breathable elastomeric mesh, providing excellent flexibility and support. The elastomeric mesh is breathable for heat dissipation and keeps cool during longer gaming sessions.

Weight Capacity : 150 kg (330.7 lb)

Weight Limit150 kg

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