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Cougar E-Deimus

Cougar E-Deimus
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Cougar E-Deimus
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  • Model: 3M1203SB.0001
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COUGAR E-DEIMUS 120 electric gaming desk is designed for a decent space. With adjustable heights, memory savings, and ergonomics design, it’s a desk that will reawaken your gaming and life experience


  • Electrical Height Adjustment
  • Four Height Memory Settings
  • Convenient PC Back Panel I/O Extension
  • Dual-sided RGB Lighting Effects
  • Panel Lock for Avoiding Risk
  • Shields for Transmission Shaft and Motor
  • Cable Tray for Easy Management
  • Concave Desktop for Easy Wire Organization
  • Spacious Area for Perfect Gaming and Work


  • Adjustment : Electrical motors
  • Width, to the side wings, x Depth (mm) : 1223.8 x 605
  • Height, to the desktop (mm) : 720~1150
  • Height, to the side wings (mm) : 750.3~1180.3
  • I/O control box : RGB button
  • USB 3.0 Type-C x1
  • USB 3.0 Type-A x 2
  • Weight Tolerance (kg) : 80
  • N.Weight(kg) : 27.3
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