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Brand: Cougar Model: 3MFORTEB.0001P
COUGAR FORTE is the most considerate microphone arm for any application. There is no need for a low profile/height arm as long as the extended parts are ideally included.FeaturesExtended Height and Depth for Optimal MountingOmnidirectional Position Adjustment and Ergonomic KnobsLong and Sturdy Alumi..
Ex Tax:€50.42
Brand: Cougar Model: 3MDUO35B.0001P
DUO35 dual-monitor arm is designed for multi-task users and players to use under any circumstances. With metal support and diverse mechanisms, it is not just an extended monitor arm but a piece of comfortable furniture for your long-lasting session.SpecificationsSupport Material : 100% Aluminum-allo..
Ex Tax:€134.45
Brand: Cougar Model: bunker
Keeps the mouse cord under total controlA powerful Vacuum (patented design) will keep it steady at all timesAn ultra-compact base that won't take up much spaceIts raised rubber arm is highly flexible, increasing its durabilityLightweight..
Ex Tax:€12.61
Brand: Cougar Model: BUNKER S RGB
Suction Like You’ve Never Seen Before: Bunker S RGB’s suction pad makes use of patented technology to attach itself with incredible strength to the surface you want to use it on. This technology protects your headset: the stand won’t fall if it is accidentally hit, even by relatively strong forces.T..
Ex Tax:€33.61
Brand: Cougar Model: COUGARMAT
Prevents scratching the floor when moving your chair around during gaming sessions. It also makes your chair silent when moving across the floor. Made with hard wearing fabric to result in a highly durable product...
Ex Tax:€33.61
Brand: Cougar Model: MARSPRO150
Your Gaming BattlefrontCOUGAR Mars Pro 150 stands on the shoulders of giants. Not only Mars Pro 150 retains the best features of Mars but evolves with much more handy functions, such as a USB 3.0 Type-C port for data transfers and HDMI monitor extension. It’s not just a gaming desk, it’s the desk ho..
Ex Tax:€403.36
Brand: Cougar Model: MARS120
COUGAR MARS 120 gaming desk provides ergonomic design and generous gaming space with dazzling ARGB lighting effects for enhancing your superior gaming experiences. It’s how we make your gaming dreams come true and present a unique gaming desk for you!Desktop width (mm) : 1200Height (mm) : 810Left I/..
Ex Tax:€235.29
Brand: Cougar Model: SCREAMERX
Studio Microphone for All-purposeThe Screamer-X is a must have for the next generation of content creators, video editors, and artists. Its multiple microphone omnidirectional modes and easy to use USB plug and play design is tailored for streaming, interview and instrument recording. Triple large m..
Ex Tax:€126.05
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